Sarasota: One of the Happiest Places in America

Happiest Places in America

Sarasota is one of the happiest places in America. Last year, Sarasota had the distinction of being named the city with greatest well-being in America by Gallup and was named as the number 3 city with the greatest well-being this year.  Gallup conducted 15 minute phone interviews with 450 randomly selected residents who were tasted with answering 55 survey questions in the five areas of well-being: physical, social, financial, community and purpose. Dan Witters, research director for the Gallup-Healthways Index report, spoke to the Herald-Tribune and said this high ranking was likely due to the high number of retirees the region boasts because those people tend to eat healthier, feel more financially secure, and are more involved in social and community activities.

This year, Sarasota is in the running for the “Happiest Seaside Town” 2017 by Coastal Living.  Already named in the top 10,  the award is voter determined so we urge you to vote for our city if you believe we have the happiest seaside town! The editors at Coastal Living described Sarasota saying, “With big-city culture, great drinking and dining, and extraordinary white-sand beaches, this Gulf city of 51, 917 is also home to a stunning collection of midcentury modern architecture.

Finalists were chosen based on cities that had been covered by the magazine or were nominated on Twitter, but were not previous winners. Coastal Living editors then consulted the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being index, percentage of clear and sunny days, beach healthiness, commute times, walkability, standard of living and financial well-being of local citizens, crime rates, geographic diversity, and an assessment of the “coastal vibe” by editors. You can vote every 15 minutes and the winner will be announced at 7am EST on Wednesday,  January 11, 2017!

Regardless of the outcome, we know Sarasota is a happy and healthy place to live! Accolades include: 31st in the Top 100 Best Places to Live, 2nd in Top 10 Best Places to Retire, Top Food City, and The Best Beach in America, among many more. If you’re looking to visit, retire, or live, Sarasota has great restaurants, arts, and beaches to offer you!

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