ABC7 Interviews “The Rosemary” About The Courtyard At Citrus

Courtyard At Citrus

George Armstrong, owner of The Rosemary and current tenant of Citrus Square, was interviewed by ABC7 and asked about the Courtyard at Citrus. George expressed his excitement about the new project saying, “It’s good for business and it also promotes a neighborhood where there’s a lot of foot traffic.”

Reporter Rick Adams also spoke to developer and owner of Pierce Contracting,  Mark Pierce,  about his decision to include a closed-in residential courtyard which gives the Courtyard at Citrus it’s name, “We have a courtyard that makes people who are a little residential in nature feel like they have a yard and a space of their own. From the very beginning, we thought it was close enough to feel like you’re downtown but still have that little bit of Midwestern, more residential feel.”

Local Rosemary District resident, Steve McCallister expressed his enthusiasm for the new development saying, “I think the Rosemary District has always had a lot of potential a lot of possibilities, so it’s good to see people building on that, making it more livable, making it more walkable is especially important.”

Watch the video below:

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